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Ranking: ALLE Bond-Songs – von grauenhaft bis hammergut. Wir sagen euch, welches die besten – und die schlechtesten. Weitere nominierte Titelsongs folgten, aber erst Skyfall aus dem Jahr wurde mit dem Preis ausgezeichnet. Gesondert aufgeführt sind die Titellieder der Filme​. James-Bond: Von Hörsturz bis Ohrwurm – die Top 30 der Songs haben uns letztendlich aber für einen Platz in der Mitte des Rankings. Sam Smith dürfte es mit seinem Song zu "Spectre" schwer haben, die Top10 der besten Bond-Songs zu knacken, die Konkurrenz ist einfach zu groß. CINEMA. Keine schlechtes Ranking und ziemlich nah am allgemeinen Konsens (wenn man mal andere Rankings mit diesem vergleicht). Ein.

Bond Songs Ranking

James-Bond: Von Hörsturz bis Ohrwurm – die Top 30 der Songs haben uns letztendlich aber für einen Platz in der Mitte des Rankings. Sam Smith dürfte es mit seinem Song zu "Spectre" schwer haben, die Top10 der besten Bond-Songs zu knacken, die Konkurrenz ist einfach zu groß. CINEMA. Bald läuft "Spectre" in den deutschen Kinos an. Ein guter Grund, die Bond-Songs auf ihre Qualitäten hin abzuklopfen. Alle - und ein paar mehr. Gebt euren Kindern normale Namen! Ich bin ein absoluter Cash Fan, aber hier bin ich froh, dass es der andere Song wurde. Das macht ihr so schnell niemand nach. Schade um den schönen Rock-Sound und die coolen Riffs. Ihr check this out Auf den Schock erstmal 2 Martini. Während der gleichnamige Film leider eher eine Niete ist, see more die Garbage-Sängerin eine Perle. James Bond 25 offizielle Charakterposter. Ich kann die Einbettung here Inhalte auch über die Datenschutzseite blockieren: zur Datenschutzseite Video laden YouTube immer entsperren. Dem Komponisten Michel Legrand man vielleicht etwas Intelligenteres zugetraut. Schade, dass der starke Song ausgerechnet zu einem der schwächsten Bond-Streifen gehört. Andere Meinungen sind nicht zugelassen. Weitere Stories und Infos. Bond Songs Ranking Bond Songs Ranking

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Top 10 Best Bond Songs Lionel Richie tour. Shirley Manson singing in a Bond movie? TV reviews. Like, we get it, we're about to Beste in BСЊschow finden a movie about James Bond, we're all onboard. It's too happy, too sweet, too major-key. Sheryl Crow — "Tomorrow Never Dies". When Bond songs are explicitly about the character of James Bond, they can tend to fall flat lyrically. The song sounds like it's from the '60s, with Matt's style of crooning. Click here Bond doesn't drive across country smiling to AM radio—he's over the legal limit and being pursued by some ridiculous foe. Lionel Richie tour. Despite her being a super on-the-nose selection, she pulls it off and delivers not only an all-time great Bond theme, but one of the best Adele songs in a catalog crowded with great songs. What source faces from MI6 will return? You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. Dementsprechend war der Track für die source Zeit super trendy und cutting edge Für Sie ausgewählt:. Persönlich mag ich eher die älteren Songs. Schwimmszenen vorweisen kann. Komponiert hat das legendäre Go here Monty Norman, der unvergessene John Barry arrangierte und interpretrierte in unnachahmlicher Weise. Alan Corb. Shirley Bassey: "Diamonds Are Forever". Angeblich hat Sam Smith seinen Song ja schon vor 9 Monaten geschrieben. Aber wann sie erhältlich sein wird, steht noch nicht fest. Im besten Fall konnten die Titelsongs der Bond-Filme ganze Generationen begeistern und schallen durch den Klang der Geschichte bis heute nach, um uns allen einen wohligen Retro-Schauer über den Rücken zu jagen. FB facebook TW Tweet. Einige Bond-Songs wurden große Hits, andere sin erfolgreichsten Singles, und auch im Spotify-Ranking reicht es immerhin für Platz zehn. Einige Bond-Songs wurden große Hits, andere sind heute fast vergessen. Die beliebtesten Titelmelodien der Deutschen hat der. Ranking: Die besten und die schlechtesten James-Bond-Songs. So viel können wir verraten: Madonna liegt in dieser Liste ziemlich weit. Bald läuft "Spectre" in den deutschen Kinos an. Ein guter Grund, die Bond-Songs auf ihre Qualitäten hin abzuklopfen. Alle - und ein paar mehr.

The sex? All I can think of when I listen to "All Time High" is those erectile dysfunction commercials where two Boomers hold hands in separate outdoor bathtubs while admiring a Sonoma sunset.

It just does nothing to prep me for a secret agent movie that's about to go down. Any Bond theme that prominently features smooth saxophone over a saucy trumpet is making a choice —and it's the wrong one.

It tugs at the heartstrings, is dynamically interesting, and is elegantly produced. It's just not a Bond song! It's too happy, too sweet, too major-key.

James Bond doesn't drive across country smiling to AM radio—he's over the legal limit and being pursued by some ridiculous foe.

If a Bond theme song could function as a first dance song at a wedding, it's not really a Bond theme song.

The good parts about this song? It's gauzy, a clear throwback to classic Bond ballads. Sam Smith is adequately brooding to deliver it.

It's got a not-bad chorus. The bad part? It's boring! At best, it's an ersatz "Skyfall. Shirley Bassey is the Queen of Bond theme songs, with several entries on this list.

This is the worst of those entries. Not awful, but easily the least memorable of her contributions to the Bond pantheon. There's more rock 'n' roll swagger in this duet than the Bond franchise is accustomed.

And that's okay! It's a clear example of two artists honoring the Bond motif and applying their own stylistic spin.

But it lacks the gravitas and drama of the best theme songs. It's way better as an end credits song than an opening credits song.

The sensuality of Sheryl Crow's Bond theme vaults it to the middle-of-the-pack. But Crow is an odd choice as more of a pop singer-songwriter rather than a belter or crooner and it's hard to get past that.

Casino Royale is an excellent Bond film, and the first one featuring Daniel Craig. Perhaps to announce a grittier , the late Chris Cornell was brought things into grunge things up.

It's a polarizing song: extremely true to Cornell's instincts as an artist coupled with Bondian horn blasts, but maybe too Buzz Cuts for diehard Bond-lovers.

I love the ambition of asking Cornell, one of the best rock voices of his generation, to perform a Bond song, even if it didn't result in a home run.

The synthy horns definitely date "License to Kill," which sits on the slow-jammy side of the Bond theme song spectrum. As much as we think of JB as an elite assassin and secret agent, he's also a bonafide loverman!

Shirley Manson singing in a Bond movie? I'll take it. An entirely serviceable, if not world-conquering entry by the '90s rockers. Billie Eilish scares me and I think she's supposed to.

And while she's enigmatic and talented and probably going to get even bigger than she is right now, the most interesting parts of her debut album were the meshing of her voice and strange, engrossing production.

Asking her to sing a more conventional ballad over an orchestra is a treat in terms of stretching her artistic skill set.

However, it sounds more like Billie is constraining herself to Bond World than Bond World is adjusting itself to Billie, which would've probably resulted in a more memorable song.

If you weren't paying attention, you might think Frank Sinatra is crooning this classic. This lush ballad suits Sean Connery's Bond exceptionally well, and effectively transports the listener back to the original era.

Monro's voice is front-and-center, allowing it to really soar over the orchestra serving as a sonic foundation. This song gets high placement for the simple fact that if you were to tell me, "Hey, Louis Armstrong did a Bond song," my assumption is that it would be very, very bad.

Don't get me wrong—Armstrong is a legend. But dark melodrama isn't his lane. While not quite as great as its predecessor, it was a brilliant way to usher in the new moody era of It was an offbeat choice of artist compared to what came before, but it's underrated rocker that definitely deserves more love.

This was the first time Bond went a bit melancholic with its theme tune, and it worked brilliantly. Its famous opening strings were famously later sampled by Robbie Williams on his hit 'Millennium'.

OK, this was technically not the main theme tune for George Lazenby's single outing as Bond, but it's far more memorable than its instrumental title track.

An ageing Louis was the surprise but perfect choice for this ballad, and was chosen by John Barry because he felt he could "deliver the title line with irony".

The title line is taken from Bond's final and emotional quote in the movie. One of the few Bond themes which you can actually listen to as a downright amazing pop tune before you think about at all.

The power ballad broke away from the George Martin or John Barry mould of writing Bond themes, and it was a breath of fresh air.

Extra points for always making us think of Alan Partridge with those 'clang-a-lang''s. For Pierce Brosnan's first Bond movie, they went for the tried and tested formula of landing a lendary soul icon to belt it out, and man it was amazing.

There was only one person who was going to record the theme tune for Daniel Craig's third movie in though Muse gave it a very good go too that year.

It became one of the best-selling singles of all time, won an Oscar and is basically the most successful Bond theme ever.

We reckon this Gladys Knight belter is an underrated gem of a Bond theme that harks back to the Shirley Bassey classics of old, bringing it smack bang into the late '80s.

This was the song that made James Bond's theme music come alive. In the first two movies, they were something of an after thought, but Shirley's theme tune to 'Goldfinger' went POW!

After a somewhat strange choice the previous year in Rita Coolidge, they stepped it up a notch for Roger Moore's last movie, by hiring the biggest band on the planet.

Even with the strange breakdown in the middle of the track, you can't argue that this song has something truly special and timeless about it.

Neil Diamond. Nein, beim Cronus Zen handelt es sich nicht um ein verrücktes. When it comes to the famous and his movies, the soundtrack is almost as iconic as James Bond itself.

Comment Share. A good theme song can transcend a movie. However, a theme song to an established property has to be a genuinely great tune to stand on.

The best Bond songs have been recorded by some of the greats of popular music, and hold a special place in the legacy of. Auch heute gegen Austria Lustenau wird der Innenverteidiger nicht dabei sein.

Einfach Nur Zocken Düsseldorf. Ranking the Bond theme songs. Posted April 10, By Dave Holcomb. Every classic action film series has great music, and James Bond is no different.

Egal, ob seine Mannschaft in. In allen Innenstädten wird über Leerstände geklagt. In Lorsch wird eine Adresse in bester Zentrumslage aber bald.

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