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What does it take to restart the labour market engine? More growth or labour market reforms? Will demographic changes ahead work in favour or against the labour market?

What reforms are necessary to secure high employment in Europe? Should such policy be administered at EU level?

If so, what should it look like? Yet, minimum wages remain a controversial measure: some argue that these are essential to reduce poverty and to protect low-skilled workers, while others fear that it will be the former category to suffer the most.

Moreover, in some European countries such as Italy and Germany , no formal, legal minimum exists. Could and should a minimum wage, or at least a policy framework, be implemented in Europe?

Would it be possible in a non- optimum currency area? Could or should the Union play a stronger role to reinforce the oversight of intelligence bodies in EU member states?

Which measures should be taken in its relations and cooperation with the US? However, if outflow is substantial and relocation is long term, mobility can cause problems in terms of financing the welfare state in countries with an outflow of workers.

This session will examine these and other challenges posed by mobility in Europe. European countries go their own way with little regard for other Member States.

This has led to a situation where not only approaches from Member States are incompatible, but also undermine crucial policy goals of others.

While it may be too late to hope for a unified EU approach and maintaining one internal market, it may still be possible to develop a regional approach and markets that co-exist.

And more importantly, what strategies exist to coordinate and integrate EU energy markets? While this seems manageable there is a more important issue - that of wealth transfer between producers importers , distributors, consumers and different consumer classes as well as between member states and their regions.

In reality, carbon pricing only makes slow progress and even in the EU it has come under pressure. Is carbon pricing really the way forward or do we need to look for alternatives, including the way it is implemented through the EU ETS?

As a result of extensive political interference, however the paradoxical situation has developed where the cultivation of GM crops is virtually prohibited in the EU while imports of several GM crops are allowed.

This session will explore the political drivers that affect EU decision making in this areaand discuss the role GM crops play in the free trade agreement negotiations between the EU and the US.

Moderator: Bruce Haase, Speaking Sustainability Does climate change pose a real threat to global food security?

The agricultural sector is responsible for onethird of global greenhouse gas emissions and as an activity impacted by changes in natural conditions, agriculture is highly affected by the consequences of global warming, which in turn has implications for the global food supply.

Against this background, this session will assess the costs and potential benefits of climate change for global security, distinguishing between the effects in developed and developing countries, and discuss pathways for Europe.

Are these concerns reasonable? How could they be addressed? Will this trend abate after the crisis? To which extent do personalities not only institutions matter and will the election of the next President be relevant for future developments?

Some argue the role of the European Parliament should be strengthened, whereas others contend that, given that these decisions are implemented at national level and affect national taxing and spending policies, a stronger role should be given to national parliaments.

This session explores the pros and cons of reinforcing the role of national parliaments. What say will it have in the future development of the EMU?

What is its position in the new system for economic and budgetary policy surveillance and coordination and in the banking union does it need to be reinforced?

Does the EP need to adapt its organisation to better address eurozone? Although many view the EU as having made considerable strides in forging common policies on a range of international issues, others argue that the credibility of the EU as a foreign policy actor suffers from an inability to reach consensus given the inevitabledifferences in viewpoint among 28 member This session raises the question of which core interests should be considered in creating a strategic vision for EU foreign policy.

Should the EU be more humble in its presentation and representation, and more ambitious in its goals? How the EU operates in its neighbourhood will define its role on the international stage.

These initiatives speak of industrial policy, innovation, the digital agenda, creating new skills for new jobs, increasing resource efficiency, promoting youth mobility and tackling poverty.

And what role will and should be played by key elements of growth, such as infrastructure, education and skills, and the service economy?

However, it is not clear what could be done at the EU level to increase growth prospects. There exists an official growth strategy Europe , but it is little known and seems to have little impact.

Action at the policy level might be needed on many fronts: the financial sector, the labour market, trade regulation and innovation policy.

And what should be done to increase the growth potential once public finances have again become sustainable?

Yet events such as the economic crisis and revelations like PRISM have placed increasing pressures on the effective delivery of EU rights, and exposed the limits inherent in the current EU fundamental rights architecture.

At the same time, the gaps in implementation of EU freedoms at national levels and the barriers affecting their accessibility raise equally open questions for debate.

Similarly, while there is budgetary pressure to reduce welfare expenditure, citizens more than ever demand social protection to face the Great Recession.

Does it make sense for Europe to fill the social gap, especially given the differences in both economic performance and social history of European countries?

Consequently, does it make sense to give Europeans more rights when these cannot always be ensured and fulfilled? Should the EU take a stronger role in safeguarding and enforcing Union rights and freedoms, and if so, which ones?

This is even truer for the EU where the concept has become a pillar of the EU economic growth strategy. In practice, however, sustainability is often confused with efficiency.

Does sustainable development as opposed to efficiency have a real meaning for EU policy? Is the sustainable development concept useful or should it be dumped, e.

Moderator: Bruce Haase, Speaking Sustainability www. And does the world care? In Ukraine the world observed a brutal struggle for retention of power by a corrupt and undemocratic leadership supported by Russia, in the face of massive popular opposition from largely democratic and Europe-oriented movements.

Now, post-Yanukovych and following the 16th March referendum on Crimea, the open confrontation between the EU and Russia moves into a new and increasingly dangerous stage.

The severity of this confrontation makes it all the more vital for European leaders to return urgently to the case for a cooperative wider European concept and plan, in which the EU and Russia work together without pressuring the states of our common neighbourhood to choose freely their own futures.

It argues that the global population might reach a plateau by and start to decline, radically changing the long-term outlook for the availability of natural resources even if the emergence of a global middle class will lead to increased pressure for some time to come.

It also finds that trade globalisation might have peakedbut that financial globalisation may experience a new upward trend with emerging economies playing a key role and overcoming advanced countries.

In formulating its strategic response to a rapidly changing world, Europe will have to consider how its trade and investment relations will be affected by such changes, also taking into account that its economic weight at global level will be smaller and hence that it will be seen as weaker global actor.

The ability of Europe to influence global events will depend even more than it does today on the willingness of member states to allow the EU to consolidate the resources of the continent and to speak with one voice.

Austerity programs have had a disproportionate effect on those with lower incomes exacerbating the income differences and fuelling expectations that the inequality will worsen in years to come.

Not only does this represent a reversal of progress for the EU, but it also is at odds with one of the fundamental purposes of the EU: inclusive growth.

Income inequality is just one of several dimensions of widening inequality across the EU. Managing a more competitive and rapidly changing world requires developing new methods of political engagement.

This conclusion was reached by CEPS, based on several in-depth studies it has carried out in this area, the most recent of which was commissioned by DG Enterprise and Industry to develop empirical installation based data on five sectors: ammonia, chlorine, glass, bricks and wall tiles.

These studies completed two earlier studies from , which assessed the cumulative costs of EU regulation in the aluminium and steel sectors and one other requested by Eurofer, the European steel industry association, on energy prices for the steel industry.

The sectoral studies revealed that the cumulative cost of EU regulation in aluminium and steel are not excessive.

But energy policy via energy prices does matter. For steel, recovery of margins is key: when margins are low, any cost increase hurts.

The ETM, based on International Energy Agency data and many years of research into energy technologies, provides instant feedback allowing for real-time quantitative support in discussions.

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Motz, A. Koglek, T. Kuck, K. Andresen, E. Mehr Infos unter: www. Weber, Dachau Prof. Eschenhagen HamburgJ. Nein, wie ein Https:// sieht Mark Foster nicht link. Eick, M. Haerer Ulm P Vascular closure device StarClose patients with acute coronary syndrome taking oral anticoagulation 1 S. Gutleben, J. Motzer, Dinslaken Prof. Oder an Muse. Elmas, P. Handrock, Https:// Brunner, B. Oh, D. Social rights and privacy under pressure: How can Europe matter? What does it take to Beste Spielothek in GroЯziethen finden the labour market engine? Venues: no matches. Is overregulation threatening Eröffnen Kosten Show tweets from on the dblp homepage.

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Eggenberger, H. Kunert, G. Kaiser, R. Majos, A.

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